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Welcome to Andrew Trischitta Online the official fan site for Andrew Trischitta. Andrew is best known for his role as Jack Manning on ABC and Prospect Park's One Life to Live. Here you will find all of the latest news, photos and media for Andrew.
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Andrew played the role of Jack Manning on ABC's One Life to Live from 2011-2012, and returned to his role online in 2013.
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Andrew appreciates all the support he has been receiving from the fans of the show. While he'd like to take the time to address every single person who contacts him, his schedule does not always permit. To keep up to date you can also check out his management CP Talent on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you would like to receive an autographed headshot from Andrew or write to him, please check out our Contact page. Remember to include your SASE envelope for autographs.
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If you would like to learn about the history of the site, the admin or find a way to contact the site you have found the right page. This page has information about the site staff as well as information about how this site came about and its history since its grand opening in February 2011.


Andrew Trischitta Online opened on Andrew’s first One Life to Live airdate (February 22, 2011) as Jack Manning. Right away his character was seen in a big storyline surrounding the subject of bullying. In preparation for this, a site was thought to be a good idea by both Andrew, his manager and ourselves, and thus the site was born.

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The site is run by Lisa and Heaven. For any questions, concerns, comments, dotations and so forth, you can contact either of us by clicking our names here on on the sidebar.